Configuring Email Attachments

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Configuring Email Attachments


Groove allows you to configure how inbound/outbound email attachments are handled when emails are logged in Salesforce. 


Important: You must be a SFDC admin in order to modify these settings.


Max Attachment Size

By default, Groove will sync all attachments. If you would like to specify a maximum size file that can be logged, fill in the  Max. Attachment Size, with your desired file size. If you don't want any attachments to be logged, set this to 0.


For example to set the limit to:


  • 100 kilobytes put 100000

  • 1 megabyte put 1000000

  • 3 megabytes put 3000000 

You can configure this within your Profile Settings in Groove, or within your Custom Settings for Groove on SFDC.


If you wish to "reparent" email attachments to the record under which the email was logged

To make it easier to glance at all of the attachments that have been exchanged via communication with a Lead/Contact, Groove offers the option to reparent email attachments.


If the option Reparent Email Attachments is enabled, Groove will store all attachments in the "Notes and Attachments" section of the lead/contact/opportunity/case, etc record to which the Task record is related to.


This is also a good way to reduce the number of redundant attachments since Groove will detect and prevent duplicates.


You can configure this within your Profile Settings in Groove, or within your Custom Settings for Groove on SFDC.


Ignoring Certain Attachment Types

You may want to set up Groove so that you're capturing the most relevant attachments and storing them in Salesforce. For example, you might want to log the PDFs or documents that you're sending to prospects and customers, but you don't need the images in your email signature logged to Salesforce. Therefore, what you can do is choose to ignore certain file types. This helps reduce clutter and can help you filter out images from people's signatures (png, jpeg, jpg).


To use this option, enter a comma separated list of file types to ignore (ie. jpg, png, jpeg). Note: a . is not required before the file type.


To do so, you must modify the following setting within your Custom Settings for Groove on SFDC only:

TitleConfiguring Email Attachments
URL NameConfiguring-Email-Attachments

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