Getting the most out of your Groove Data in Salesforce

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Getting the most out of your Groove Data in Salesforce


Groove Insights is an advanced reporting suite for Salesforce that can be installed with a single click. The suite includes a selection of pre-configured reports, layouts, and features that help you manage your team performance and make better business decisions using real-time activity and engagement data from Groove.


What's Included in Groove Insights?

Groove Insights is a compilation of key Salesforce reports, dashboards, automations, and fields that help capture and display engagement data as well as provide you with critical insights into your revenue operations that aren’t limited to Groove activity and engagement data. Because Groove is Salesforce native, we will leverage your specific instance configuration to deliver a reporting experience that’s unique to your business. The package covers 3 critical areas of your Salesforce:

  1. Accounts and Opportunities

  2. Contacts and Leads

  3. Activities

Top Accounts from this Month

  • Top active new business accounts with open opportunities sorted by contact engagement over the last 30 days. Showcases which accounts are most active and engaged so you can focus on your hottest opportunities first.

Stalled Opportunities from this Quarter

  • Open opportunities closing this quarter without any activity in the last 14 days. These opportunities are considered “stalled” since there hasn’t been progress and they are expected to close.

Activities by Rep from this Week

  • Report of each rep's overall activities this week. One-off activities are separated from actions completed inside of Groove Flows.

Flow Steps Completed on Time

  • Breakdown and % of Groove Flow Steps completed on time, split out by rep.

These are just a peek into all thats included, the package includes a total of: 32 Reports, 3 Dashboards, 3 Page Layouts, 21 Contact and Lead Fields, 9 Activity Fields, 4 Opportunity Fields, 1 Field Set, and 3 Flow Automations.



How do I install Groove Insights?

Groove Insights is delivered as an “unmanaged package” for Salesforce that can be installed with a single click. Once installed by your Salesforce Administrator, you can fully customize and/or modify the standard reports to align with your unique business needs. Groove is a certified Salesforce partner and the Groove Insights package has passed their stringent security requirements and is safe to install.


Steps to Getting Groove Insights Installed:

  1. Notify your Groove AE or CSM that you’d like the upgrade

  2. Ensure you have the enough space for the new fields

  3. Your AE or CSM will then send you the link to install Groove Insights!

Requirements for Groove Insights

  1. API Naming Conflicts: Salesforce does not allow any API naming conflicts between your existing instance and a new Unmanaged package, so you will need to work with your Account executive or Customer Success Manager to ensure a smooth and seamless installation. Typically, we export your existing data and re-import it after the Salesforce upgrade.

  2. Managed Package Version: Groove Insights requires that you have the latest version of Groove’s managed package installed (9.50). Please contact Customer Support or your Groove representative if you have questions about your managed package version.

FAQs and Important Things to Note:

Can I make updates to the reports?

Absolutely! Once installed, Groove Insights can be configured to map to your specific workflows and requirements.


When will the new data start populating?

Once installed, Groove Insights takes up to 24 hours to fully populate with report data. There are no actions that you need to take other than installing the package and notifying your Groove representative.

TitleGetting the most out of your Groove Data in Salesforce
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