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Groove LinkedIn Integration

Note: Users must have an Advanced or Advanced Plus license to use the Groove <> LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.


Understanding your target customers is half the battle when selling to them. It is vital to foster long-term relationships with customers so that you can turn them into bigger deals in the future. 


LinkedIn is a valuable tool that helps you do the research you need to accomplish this. Nowadays, salespeople and customer success specialists worldwide are very much required to use it. That is why Groove is determined to help you utilize technologies like LinkedIn by making them accessible in one place. Our integration with LinkedIn provides you with a seamless experience to allow you to execute your day-to-day Sales processes.


Find our LinkedIn Integration through different features in Groove!


LinkedIn via Omnibar


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We constantly switch between LinkedIn and Email to gain context on past conversations and research prospects to personalize our outreach. Groove’s integration with LinkedIn allows you to pop out your Groove Omnibar within your email to access your prospects’ backgrounds within seconds. 


  • Icebreakers: learn about some icebreakers to start a conversation more organically. 

  • Mutual Contacts: reach out to mutual contacts so that they can help introduce you to potential prospects or customers.

  • Related Leads: find other potential contacts or leads with a similar profile to further your chances of booking a meeting with someone at the account!


LinkedIn Step Types


Connect via LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Advanced or Advanced Plus license), you can send Connection Requests directly from your Flow workshop. Include a personalized note so your prospect will more likely accept your invitation!



Send InMail via LinkedIn Sales Navigator


If you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Advanced or Advanced Plus license), you can send InMail directly from your Flow workshop. Of course, each InMail is valuable, so make sure you personalize each message you send!




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