Logging Calls with Groove OmniDialer

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Logging Calls with Groove OmniDialer

In this article you will learn about different ways in which you can log calls to contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities.


  1. Call Logging Fields

  2. Call Logging Options in Flows and Actions

  3. Log Calls from the Recents Tab

  4. Log a Call without Calling


Call Logging Fields

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing the OmniDialer is that calls are easily logged into Salesforce without users having to take the extra time to manually log each call, update those fields and copy and paste the call notes into Salesforce. Calls will be automatically logged into Salesforce if your Groove Admin has enabled that option!


All calls and fields are logged to the call task in Salesforce. View all your Call activity in the Groove Analytics page!


Search and Select

Anytime you are calling out of Flows, Actions or Clicking to Call from Salesforce your Dialer will automatically populate this field with the contact or lead record you are calling. In some cases you may want to associate the call to the Account or an Opportunity, you will have to search for those records in order to attach the call to them. Note you cannot add the Account AND Opportunity.

Type Field


This field will usually be populated by default. This default value is set by a Salesforce admin.



There are two types of Call Results you can choose from when logging calls: "Conversation" or "No Conversation." The Conversation options are pre set by your Groove admin. The No Conversation options have been set by default by Groove based on the most common no conversation results.


You can view all your call outcomes from the call page in Groove Analytics here.


Subject Field

Use this field to type in the Subject of the call. Your Subject lines will be saved in a drop down in this field so that you can utilize them for other calls that might be similar.


Notes Field

Type in all your notes during the call directly into OmniDialer so that you can gain context at a later time. All notes are auto-saved so that you never have to worry about losing important information. (You do not have to click the "log" button in order to have your notes saved.)



Call Logging Options in Flows and Actions

OmniDialer provides you with several options to log calls while working out of Flows and Actions.




  • Skip this Call Step - this allows you to move the person to the next step in that Flow without having to make a call or log it

  • Skip All Call Steps - this option allows you to never have to call this person in that Flow even if there are other call steps included.




After making a call there are several other options that can be accessed by clicking the drop down button located next to the Log button:


  • Log and remove from Flow -logs the call back to Salesforce and removes the person from that current Flow

  • Log and Skip Call Steps - logs that call back to Salesforce and skips only the rest of the call steps in that Flow

  • Log and Pause Until - logs that call and pauses them in that same step until you the date you set

  • Mark as Complete - allows you to progress that person in the flow without having to log the call back to Salesforce


Log Calls from the OmniDialer Recents Tab

All Calls made show up in your recents tab regardless if they were logged to Salesforce. In some cases you may want to go back and either log the call if it was not already logged or update a previously logged call with a different call results, notes, etc.


Click Calls > Not Logged in your recents tab in order to log calls that were not logged, or update previously logged calls:



Log a Call without Calling

Sometimes you may have made a call while you were away from your computer - we give you the option to log a call without making it from the OmniDialer by clicking the Actions button on the home tab:




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