Manage Groove Licenses Directly in Salesforce

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Manage Groove Licenses Directly in Salesforce


Groove provides the ability to manage licenses within Salesforce. This means that Salesforce admins can define the type of access or license the Salesforce users may have to Groove systems and applications.


Article contents:


  1. Adding Groove Assigned License Salesforce Field
  2. Setting Up the Salesforce Flow
  3. Hourly Sync Job Details
  4. Important Things to Note


Adding Groove Assigned License Salesforce Field

Groove will use the user object field to identify what type of licenses to assign the user. As the Salesforce admin, follow the steps below to create the new field:

  1. Go to Setup

  2. In the Quick Find search box, search of Object Manager

  3. In the Object Manager page, search for User in the Quick Find search box

  4. Go to Fields & Relationships tab

  5. Click on New button

  6. Create the following field:


Field Info

Field Type


Help Text

field label:

Groove Assigned Licenses


field name: Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c

Picklist (Multi-Select)

This field is used by Groove to provide the appropriate Groove license and access to this user

Specifies the type of Groove licenses assigned to this user


Provide the following Values:


  1. Select Enter values, with each value separated by a new line

  2. Enter the following values (each value should be in a "new line")

    • core

    • flow_unlimited

    • dialer

    • sms

    • conversation_intelligence


Create the following Validation Rules:


  1. In the User page in Object Manager, go to Validation Rules tab

  2. Click New button

  3. Provide the following values:


Rule Name: Groove_License_Must_Include_Core


Description: Groove License Must Include Core


Error Condition Formula:


INCLUDES(Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c, 'core'),


Error Message: Groove License Must Include Core


* If your organization uses Groove Dialer and Groove SMS, add the following validation rule:


Rule Name: Groove_SMS_License_Must_Include_Dialer


Description: Groove SMS License Must Include Dialer


Error Condition Formula:


INCLUDES(Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c, 'sms'),
NOT(INCLUDES(Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c, 'dialer'))


Error Message: Groove SMS License Must Include Dialer


Setting Up the Salesforce Flow


The licenses can be automatically assigned to users based on certain criteria.


The following document specifies how to create the Salesforce Flow to assign the Groove licenses within Salesforce:


Modification to the Salesforce Flow

These steps need slight modification. After the Apex Action (i.e., Assign Core License, Assign Flow License, etc), add a New Element with the following details:



Type: Update Triggering Record



API Name




Assign Core License

Assign Core


Assign user a Groove Core license



Assign Flow Unlimited License

Assign Flow Unlimited


Assign user a Groove Core and Flow Unlimited License


core; flow_unlimited

Assign Dialer License

Assign Dialer


Assign user a Groove Dialer license


core; dialer

Assign SMS License

Assign SMS


Assign user a Groove SMS license


core; dialer; sms

Assign Conversation Intelligence License

Assign CI


Assign user a Groove Conversation Intelligence license


core; conversation_intelligence



Note: Flow unlimited, dialer, sms, and conversation intelligence require a core license. SMS also requires a dialer licenses


Note: The apex action/call to Groove becomes optional when the new field is added. For real-time update to Groove system, we suggest keeping the apex action. However, if your organization is fine with waiting for at most 1 hour to update the license information in Groove (this is when the license information is reflected in Groove), then the apex actions can be removed.


Hourly Sync Job Details



Once you have (1) added the new Salesforce user object field (Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c), (2) completed setting up the Salesforce Flow, you would need to (3) backfill the new Salesforce user object field (Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c) with the correct license assignments for EACH users.


Once all three (3) tasks have been completed, please contact your CSM to enable the sync job.



What happens: Groove will run a job that reads the field Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c. Groove will use the values assigned to this field to update the type of license assigned to the user


How often: Hourly. Groove will run the sync job every "beginning of the hour" (12pm, 1pm, 2pm, etc). This means that changes made to the field Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c (either through the Salesforce Flow or updating it manually) will be reflected in Groove in the next "beginning of the hour".

Important Things To Note


Once the hourly sync job has been enabled for your organization, Salesforce becomes the source of truth for Groove licenses.


You must not modify the license information via Managed My Org (MMO) in Groove. All license related changes must be managed in Salesforce. If changes are made via the Groove MMO, the hourly sync job will overwrite the changes made in Groove to reflect the values specified in Salesforce.


Please ensure that team members who manage the licenses on Salesforce have the appropriate write/modify access to the new field Groove_Assigned_Licenses__c.

TitleManage Groove Licenses Directly in Salesforce
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