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Omnibar Everywhere


Omnibar in Salesforce:

You can open Omnibar directly within Salesforce to view additional information very quickly, view information on related records without being on their page, add prospects to flows, and work down your contact or leads lists with all of Omnibar's tools available to you. This way, you can navigate Salesforce and have the most pertinent information displayed to you without having to open additional tabs, scroll down to find your details, or worry about other noisy information.


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  1. Works in Classic and Lightning

  2. Omnibar updates to whatever record page you are on

  3. Quickly edit fields without navigating to the SFDC details

  4. Omnibar will update with that record info if you hover over any email address


Omnibar in Groove Web


You have access to the power of Omnibar directly from your Flow workstep, Actions, Spaces, the Accounts Page, and the People Page! You can easily view your prospect's Salesforce activity and jump to the overall account history to check on the latest engagement before executing a flow step.


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Bring your Omnibar Everywhere


Open Omnibar in its window and place it wherever you'd like. Use Omnibar within Gmail and Flow as before, and it will now also automatically update based on the page you're browsing in Salesforce!


No need to limit yourself to Gmail, Flow, and Salesforce while using your Omnibar; take it to a company website to quickly create contacts, leads, or accounts!


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TitleOmnibar Everywhere
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