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Sendoso Integration

Groove’s integration with Sendoso enables revenue teams to better engage prospects and customers with personalized gifts, eGifts, direct mail, AirBnB experiences, and celebrity greetings. Seamlessly add Sendoso’s sending capabilities into multi-channel Groove Flows, making it easy for users to increase engagement with personalized gifts and direct mail without ever leaving their workflows.


The Sendoso and Groove integration allows reps to:


  • Incorporate personalized gifts and direct mail to drive engagement

  • Measure the impact of adding gifts and direct mail to prospect and customer campaigns

  • Never leave a workflow to send a Sendoso gift


To use this integration, you must already have a Sendoso account.






Popular Integration Use Cases:


Increase Response Rates

Access LinkedIn from the Groove Omnibar to look up a recipient’s alma mater, and then send them a mug from their University in just a couple clicks. Sending a personalized gift shows the prospect that you aren’t there to waste their time and increases your response rate.


Minimize Demo No-Shows

A lot of prep work goes into planning a successful demo call with a prospect, and the last thing any AE, SDR, or Sales Manager wants is a no-show on the call. Encourage a prospect to attend the meeting by emailing a gift card in exchange for attendance as soon as the meeting is booked.


Trigger Sendoso Sends on Target Accounts

Understand where key accounts and decision makers are in the buyer's journey by picking up their buying signal with intent data. As they progress through their buyer’s journey, reach them across channels with the right message, to the right people, at the right time, and never let an opportunity go cold. Incorporate Sendoso gifts to drive a unique, personalized level of engagement and stand out at the moment it matters most.


Strengthen Existing Relationships

Build lasting relationships with your current customers to strengthen your relationship and retain their business. Incorporate thoughtful, personalized gifts to celebrate major milestones in the business relationship or their personal life.


New Opportunities With Existing Customers

Expanding into new opportunities with a current account will build a stickier relationship and has proven to be more cost effective than focusing solely on new business to grow revenue. Use personalized gifts as a warm door opener to get a meeting and initiate new opportunities across your customer’s business lines and teams.


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