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The Voicemail feature in Groove's Omnidialer allows Sellers to streamline their communication process and ensure they never miss an important call. Whether a missed call from a hot lead or a message from a valued client, the Voicemail feature allows users to stay on top of their communication and maintain positive relationships with their contacts. With the ability to listen to voicemails and read their transcripts, mark them as read, and even return calls directly from the platform, the Voicemail feature is an essential component of any effective communication strategy.


Setting up your Voice Message Greeting


The Omnidialer will come with a Default Voicemail Greeting message. To record a personalized message, you will have to:


  1. Click the ‘Custom’ option

  2. Click the Red record icon to begin recording your custom Voicemail Greeting

  3. Click the Red record icon to stop the recording

  4. Click Save to save your new custom recording


    Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 1.08.20 PM.png



    Viewing and Listening to Voicemails in Omnidialer and Salesforce


    You can view and listen to your Voicemails in your Omnidialer as well as view and listen to Voicemails in the logged call in Salesforce.


    Viewing the Voicemail in Omnidialer

    The following image denotes what you can do when you click into a Voicemail via your Omnidialer:


    • Listen to the recording by clicking the ‘play’ button

    • View the transcript (note the transcript will take 1 minute to load the first time the Voicemail was left)

    • Click the Arrow to view the Voicemail in Salesforce


      Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 1.09.29 PM.png


      Viewing the Voicemail in Salesforce

      If the inbound call was logged to Salesforce and the client left a voicemail, you can view that Voicemail recording and transcript in the Call Task in the Salesforce comments section. The call will be logged as an inbound call.


      Voicemail Notifications

      You will receive notifications when you receive an inbound Voice Message in two places:


      1. You should see a little yellow dot next to your Voicemail Tab in the Omnidialer when you have unread Voicemails

      2. You will receive an Email Notification with your Voicemail. You will be able to listen to your voicemail right from your email!


      Voicemail Storage


      Voicemail recordings are stored for 2+ years in your Omnidialer. If you archive the voicemail, it will only be stored for 30 days before the recording gets deleted from your Omnidialer and Salesforce.

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