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Voicemail Drop

If only our customers picked up the phone every time...instead reps spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes every day just leaving voicemails! Now with Voicemail Drop, you can save time by leaving unique pre-recorded voicemails with the click of a button!



How do you set it up?

Note: You must be using Bridge Dial in order to setup and use the voicemail drop feature.

  1. Go to the voicemail drop section of your Settings found here in the Groove App.

  2. Click on "Record a New Voicemail."

  3. Name your Voicemail recording based on the message content you decide.

  4. Try recording a voicemail as many times as you'd like by clicking "Replace Recording."

  5. When you're done click save!



How do you Drop a Voicemail?

When you are making a call simply click the voicemail icon at the bottom right of your dialer to easily drop in the voicemail of your choice!


NOTE: To make sure you don't hit any snags while dropping your voicemails, wait until you hear the tone (the beep) before you drop your voicemail. Failing to wait until you hear the tone can result in part of your voicemail being cut off!




Tips and Tricks for Dropping Voicemails

  • The key is to treat a voicemail drop like you would a cold email where personalization and relevancy are of the utmost importance!

  • Create different recorded Voicemails that will help to target prospects and customers who work in different industries!

  • Similarly, create recorded Voicemails depending on the type of prospect or contact persona you are calling. For instance, you would leave a different kind of voicemail if you are reaching out to a person in HR than you would when reaching out to someone in Engineering.

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