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Groove Manage on Behalf Of


This feature is currently in beta, please reach out to your CSM to have enabled.


Collaboration is key to helping sellers move through sales cycles quickly and close deals. When executing a Groove Flow, you may find that you need to assist your team to maneuver your Flow participants into a new step, review their flow steps or execute steps on their behalf.


With Groove's Manage on Behalf Of feature, Admins can do just that!

Enabling Manage on Behalf Of for your Organization

In Manage My Org, navigate to the Manage on Behalf Of section to enable this functionality for admins. Note: This functionality is reserved for Admins only.


For more information regarding Add to Flows, refer to this article.

Managing on Behalf Of Another User


Selecting and Viewing Another User

Admins can view any users Flows and Actions when using Manage On Behalf Of. Next to your profile icon on the Groove top header, if you have access to Manage on Behalf Of, you can select from a dropdown which user you would like to manage on behalf of.

Once another user is selected, blue banner will appear on top of your page to indicate that you are managing Flows as that user. You can exit from this view by clicking the X button on the banner to return to your own view.


Executing as Another User

While using Manage on Behalf of, you can also execute steps and actions on their behalf. Any action that you take on behalf of another user will be sent and logged as the user you're managing.

Managing Flow Participants as Another User

You can also access the People Tab within a Flow in order to move contacts or leads from one step in the flow to another, move to another flow, or remove them from the flow. With manage on behalf of, you will have access to the same functions as if you were managing on your own flows.


Note: Any action you take while managing as this user, will be logged as the user.



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